The Most Common Wedding Traditions

Having traveled a lot, I love to see different wedding traditions all over the world. They are universally wonderful, a time of union and joy. And universally different. Several things are consistent. Every ceremony has a ritual, be it in deepest Africa, or in small town U.S.A. Then, every wedding tradition has a reception provided […]

You CAN Have a Wedding On a Budget – Some Simple Ideas

There are literally so many ways to save on a wedding it’s amazing. Why folks spend top dollar for ordinary looking stuff is beyond me. A great wedding, and an EXTRAORDINARY one is usually best on a budget. You have to think more, and be more creative. Have you ever watched Bridezillas and thought “look […]

Marriage Reception Ideas That Are Individual and Extra Special

I’ve been to many weddings, and MANY different kinds of receptions. The best weddings are those where there is some creative thought put into the reception location beyond some fancy catering hall. You can have a reception literally anywhere where there is firm ground. Aside from that it begins to get more expensive and the […]