Budget Wedding Ideas

Every woman dreams of being the most beautiful bride on her wedding day and have the best wedding she could ever have. The wedding day will be among the most important and most memorable days in the life of a woman.

People often say that getting your dream wedding comes with a great price – literally huge amounts of money from $10,000 to as much as the budget and finances allow. Don’t get discouraged, you will still get your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

The key is planning and using a select few budget wedding ideas from every resource available such as wedding tips from online bridal forums and wedding shows.

Getting to know as many vendors as possible and comparing their products and price lists will give you a head start. Take advantage of all the cheaper wedding services and spend the money you’ve saved for your honeymoon or the new house.

Money Saving Tips – The Wedding Dress

Shops for wedding dresses and gowns have clearance sales or end of the line sale – this will give you an opportunity to get the style of wedding dress for you and your bridesmaid at a great bargain. Be prepared though for some alterations, since sizes will be limited.

Shop for used wedding gown online or from a consignment shop. You may even ask your relatives and friends for hand me down wedding gowns that you can alter, add some lace or other ornaments to give it a new look. For a more sentimental piece, ask your mother or grandmother if there is a heirloom wedding gown kept by the family.

Money Saving Tips – The Wedding Flowers and Bouquet

Choose flowers that are in season, this is a great budget wedding idea because they will be more affordable than exotic flowers and flowers that are not in season.

Silk flowers and other faux flowers will be more affordable and will give the advantage of being ordered in advance, way ahead of the wedding date. This will save you from lots of stress and worrying on the wedding day.

You can arrange for sharing of cost of the flowers with the venue of your wedding, if other people are getting married on the same day at the location. You will save money, but be prepared to compromise on the flowers or arrangements that they have.

Money Saving Tips – The Wedding Cake

Specialty bakeshops charge higher for wedding cakes. Try to inquire from local bakeries to bake you a budget wedding cake – you’ll be surprised that the cost will be cut down into half at least.

You may opt to have a real fancy cake done by signature cake maker, just order a small cake to be used in the traditional slicing of the cake. Purchase sheet cakes to be served for the guests.

Money Saving Tips – The Venue and Food at the Reception

The expense budgeted for food will be dependent on the set menu and the kinds of beverages to be served. It may also include the cost of renting the venue, as some caterers have arrangements with these halls or places and offer them as a package deal.

Evening receptions will generally have full meals – opt for a buffet instead of full sit down dinner. One great budget wedding idea is to hold either a morning wedding reception or even afternoon wedding reception which will entail lighter food selections, such as brunch or finger foods. Trying an all dessert food will be less expensive – just advise your guests that no other foods will be served so they come prepared.

Reception venues offer great discounts on Fridays as a way of pulling business from their fully booked Saturdays. Take advantage of Friday reception prices. You will have to adjust the time of your wedding though to the evenings to give your guests ample time to prepare after their work. Lower rates are often given for weekdays.

Remember that a great wedding, one that is full of wonderful memories, can be achieved on a tight budget. Plan ahead and consult the many money saving wedding ideas available all year round.

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