Marriage Reception Ideas That Are Individual and Extra Special

I’ve been to many weddings, and MANY different kinds of receptions. The best weddings are those where there is some creative thought put into the reception location beyond some fancy catering hall. You can have a reception literally anywhere where there is firm ground. Aside from that it begins to get more expensive and the logistics get harder.

I had wealthy friends who had their wedding reception around a historic carousel in a small town. They could have had anything, but instead some food and rides on the carousel were both fun, classy and a delight to everyone.

In contrast I’ve known folks of lesser means who go into deep debt for a unique wedding reception that they think they should have to please everyone. Don’t do that. People are coming to share joy with you, not eat a stuffed chicken.

And remember that lots of things go into a good reception, and not just the food and location. Music is important but you don’t need a live band or even a DJ. How about a classical guitarist?

I just wrote a new post on different unique wedding reception ideas that covers this in more detail.

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