The Most Common Wedding Traditions

Having traveled a lot, I love to see different wedding traditions all over the world. They are universally wonderful, a time of union and joy. And universally different. Several things are consistent.

Every ceremony has a ritual, be it in deepest Africa, or in small town U.S.A. Then, every wedding tradition has a reception provided by the parents where they express their gratitude for all loved ones taking the time to come and support the new couple as they start their lives together.

Wedding traditions always involve some sort of binding, maybe with a rope wrapped gently around the wrists of the celebrants, or of rings, or maybe in the Middle East, the blowing of a horn.

Weddings are a time where traditions reinforce family bonds, and the continuation of a family into the next generation. Where they started we don’t know, but strong and diverse they are. Whatever your family tradion is you can be sure it will be strenghthened by using symbols and ceremonies that are part of your legacy.

Borrowing from other wedding traditions is ok too, and they can even become new traditions.I’ve just added a page all about these traditional wedding actions here – wedding traditions

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