Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

If you want a wedding reception that everyone who attends will remember for a long time to come, then you need to have some unique ideas. So let loose those creative juices and come up with a wedding reception that will be the talk of the town for a very long time.

Having a unique theme for the reception will be the blueprint for the decorations, unique invitations, the table centerpieces, and this can even be taken one step further with the use of an unusual location and set-up. Whatever unique wedding reception idea you come up with needs to blend in with the mood and overall theme to give you and your guests the perfect wedding reception.

What to Consider for Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Location – the reception theme will determine the location. If the theme will be something about nature for example, the probable location will be the beach or nature park. Unique locations include sports venues, barns, a cornfield, and ranch. Locations with historical significance, old houses, lighthouses, or traditional churches will also give a unique location for an unusual wedding reception.

Food – picnic foods, dessert foods, and gourmet foods will be a great alternative to traditional full meals. Just remember that your reception theme should be in harmony with the foods to be served.

Decorations – aside from the flowers, add unique decorations such as balloons in different shapes and sizes, floating candles and lanterns.  Create a mood and ambience that will highlight the unique theme. Flowers, whether local or imported can help are a traditioanl accompaniment and can create a truly one off mood!

Lights – spotlights can bring dramatic effects on the wedding cake, floating candles adds ethereal effect, and modern lightings such as LED lights and stencil lighting will give a bright mood to the wedding reception.

Music – music will surely add life to the theme of the wedding reception. Make sure the music for the first dance will have memorable lyrics that will spark good memories. Having music that will match the different age groups of the guests will add to the fun.

Presentation – think of table centerpieces that will add uniqueness. Invites as well as dress code will give tremendous impact on the theme of the wedding reception.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas – Picnic Wedding Reception

The wedding party and guests will come in floral, gingham or white summer dresses. The bridesmaids will carry baskets brimming with wildflowers. The location will be in a park and the foods will be picnic foods, too.

Arrange picnic tables and place picnic baskets containing plates, cups, utensils, gingham cloth and the food – fried chicken, sliced fruits, corn on the cob, and beverage. You will not need centerpieces because the location itself is natural beauty. Food preparation can be hassle-free, picnic foods can be bought at a grocery store. Seating arrangements and table cards will not be needed too.

Slices of fruit pies – apple pie, peach pie, blueberry pie, etc. placed in a tiered layer cake stand will make up for the wedding cake. The guests will remember the uniqueness and the taste of this wedding cake.

For the music, hire a violinist, guitarist or flutist to serenade you and your guests. You could even have music from a boom box or music from the vehicle. And for added entertainment, rent some boats or get your guests to have horse rides in the park.

The ultimate test of how well these unique wedding reception ideas come off is if you and your guests had fun, and enjoyed the event. After all, it is still a wedding that’s being celebrated.

Sometimes, using a truly one of a kind wedding reception theme go towards the wacky, crazy and bizarre. But don’t discount anything. There’s always fun to be had, if you do it right!

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