You CAN Have a Wedding On a Budget – Some Simple Ideas

There are literally so many ways to save on a wedding it’s amazing.

Why folks spend top dollar for ordinary looking stuff is beyond me. A great wedding, and an EXTRAORDINARY one is usually best on a budget. You have to think more, and be more creative.

Have you ever watched Bridezillas and thought “look at how much money they are spending and the couple are still fighting!” And then you see a happy couple married overlooking a valley in simple clothes, the surroundings of a loving family and friends, plus blue sky being all the decoration they need. Not a horse drawn carriage, not a Lamborghini limousine. Maybe bicycles?

The point is the best wedding I’ve been to in my life had lots of creativity, and not a lot of extravagance. Don’t equate cost with class. In fact, the two can be unrelated.

I have a new article I published on my site about budget wedding ideas to help you in more detail – budget wedding ideas

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